“A straight dose of knife-cold reality from a record-setting polar trip.” Forward cvr lo res

(Chicago, IL) – On a perfect day in March, 2009, with the temperature hovering near -40° Fahrenheit, John Huston and Tyler Fish stepped off the North American continent and onto the frozen, jumbled surface of the Arctic Ocean. The two seasoned adventurers had their sights set on one goal: to travel under their own power to the North Pole without resupply. If they succeeded, they’d be the first Americans to do so.

Forward! (Octane Press, Dec. 2011, $40.00) is their story. Over a period of nearly two months, John and Tyler skied more than 500 miles, hauling sleds that contained everything they needed to survive. They maneuvered their 300-pound loads through punishing rubble fields and swam across stretches of open water. To fuel their bodies and fight back the cold, each consumed more than 7,000 calories per day, downing deep-fried bacon, chunks of butter, and fat-laden pemmican stew.

The book provides first hand insight into the following topics: • The lifestyle of a modern polar explorer • The history of North Pole exploration • Polar expedition diet and nutrition

• Physical and mental training and preparation • Sea ice dynamics and climate change • Psychological research on teams in extreme environments • Navigation and remote communication technology • Polar expedition clothing and equipment • Life in northern Canada

Potential audiences include: • Outdoor enthusiasts • National Geographic readers • Fans of adventure • Readers of polar history • Arctic aficionados • History lovers • International travelers • Students of all kinds

Richly illustrated with photos, maps, and charts, Forward takes readers across the ice and into the lives of both men, revealing how and why they attempted their unsupported trek to the Pole. The authors describe the details of their journey: the preparations, the daily routines, the personal struggles and more. This fascinating narrative also interweaves the

www.octanepress.comscience of polar travel with the rich history of past explorers, men like Amundsen and Shackleton, who inspired John and Tyler to push themselves to the limits of human endurance.

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About the Authors

John Huston is a motivational speaker, safety and logistics consultant and wilderness guide. He also works part-time in commercial real estate. As a polar explorer he has completed major expeditions in Greenland and Antarctica and on the Arctic Ocean. He is currently planning a two- month expedition to fabled Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic. He and his wife live in Evanston, Illinois.

Tyler Fish has spent his professional career at Outward Bound, where he now serves as a staffing director. He is also a wilderness guide, motivational speaker and cross-country ski coach. As a polar explorer he has completed two major expeditions on the Arctic Ocean. He lives in Ely, Minnesota, with his wife and son.

John Huston and Tyler Fish have appeared on CNN, “The Today Show” and National Public Radio, and have been featured in Outside magazine, Popular Mechanics, The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

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