Written Dreams Publishing of Green Bay, Wisconsin Releases “A Rose in a Teacup and Other Poems”

By Rachel M. Anderson, Contributing Writer

(Stillwater, MN) – Have you ever been to a place so beautiful it could almost bring you to tears? Rachelle Nevaeh Rose, owner of the historic Aurora Staples Inn in Stillwater, Minnesota, has. She still talks about the trip she took to Costa Rica more than a decade ago.

“I saw the sky. How beautiful it was at night. I saw the ocean. I saw butterflies, wild horses, monkeys and parrots. I think just the beauty—to know there is a creator who created all of this—it was inspiring,” she says.

Like a lot of people who travel, Rachelle journaled about the experiences she had during her trip. But journaling isn’t all she did. She also wrote down the poems that popped into her head.

“Blooming Passionflower” begins with the words, “If I were a flower I’d be an exotic passionflower.”

In her poem “Waterfall,” she writes, “White water pours down below into the river where an immense seafoam green swimming hole awaits.”

And “A mountain of waves push forward and burst over the lovers of the sea,” is how she begins “Pearls of the Sea.”

When she wrote those poems, and the many others she has penned over the years, Rose had no intention of sharing them with others. They were for her and her alone; but now they are being shared with the world through a new book.

Written Dreams Publishing, a small press publishing house based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, released the poetry collection A Rose in A Teacup and Other Poems in early 2022. The majority of the 130 plus poems in the book are about nature. There are also poems about love, courage, kindness and happiness.

Rose says only a fraction of the poems she has written over the years made it into the book.  “I have notebooks filled with poems,” she says. “I’m not sure how many I have written. For the book I stuck mostly with recent ones, and just a handful of old ones.”

In addition to writing poems about the amazing beauty she saw in Costa Rica, Rose has also included a number of poems about places in and around her hometown of Stillwater, Minnesota. Places residents and visitors come across every day, like Pioneer Park on 2nd Street North, which features lots of greenspace and impressive views of the St. Croix River. She has also written about the sights and sounds found along 4th Street North, where the Aurora Staples Inn is located.

The title of the book gets its name from a rose she picked while out for a walk. “Well, I found this rose and put it in a teacup. I was just looking at it and I started to write a poem about it, and I thought it would make a good title for a book,” says the author, who is happy to share her last name with a beautiful flower.

Reviews for Rose’s debut poetry collection have been very favorable. "A Rose in a Teacup and Other Poems is an exquisite and vivid journey through nature and life from the comfort of your armchair. Take it," said Simi K. Rao, author of Under the Shade of the Banyan Tree.

"Rose's inspirational collection is filled with hope," said Jenny Delos Santos, author of Falling Perfectly Without Trying.

“Let your imagination create the pictures in your mind while the words in this beautiful poetry collection do the heavy lifting of setting the scene. Make sure to grab a blanket and warm beverage, too, as A Rose in a Teacup will provide a perfect moment for relaxation," said Melissa Vigil, author of I Wish My Mom Was Here.

“A Rose in a Teacup is a celebration of positivity in a world that longs for it…. From the stunning beauty of her varied roses to the sheer simplicity of the shy, oft-ignored dandelions, the poet takes the reader on a journey of vivacity and animation,” said Dallas Hembra, author of Kaleidoscope and Shaking the Family Tree.

A Rose in a Teacup and Other Poems is available in paperback and eBook formats from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About the Author 

Rachelle N. Rose is from Stillwater, Minnesota. She loves to read and write poetry. Her family told amazing stories around a campfire or kitchen table which fueled her hunger to write and describe things in a way to get one's attention.

She graduated from the College of St. Catherine with a B.S. in Education. Her first job was working at a Bed and Breakfast, and she always wanted her own. Her dream came true when she purchased the Aurora Staples Inn bed and breakfast in the summer of 2017.

In past years, she enjoyed writing a poetry column for Bed and Breakfast Magazine. Rachelle loves to travel, read, go to the gym, run, hike/walk, dance/Zumba, cook and connect with nature in any way she can.

She hopes you enjoy reading her poetry books as much as she enjoyed writing them!

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