By Rachel M. Anderson, Freelance Writer

The Lynarian king has pledged his daughter's hand in marriage to the prince of Dareknay, a kingdom with a brutish reputation. But Princess Navali has other plans.

Unfortunately for her, those self-made plans never allowed for the possibility of her being abducted by savage fiends, taken to their lands, and her boorish prince having to rescue her! Now all Navali can concern herself with is if she will indeed get out of this alive, and if she does, how will she stand marriage to her surprisingly handsome rescuer?

To find the answer you'll have to pick up a copy of Unlocked, a brand new fantasy romance by 
Alexa E. Woodiwiss, the granddaughter of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, the creator of the modern 
historical romance. Kathleen passed away after a long illness in 2007, at the age of 68, but not 
before completing 15 novels that her fans continue to treasure to this day. Those who have read Unlocked are excited that the legacy will continue.

Alexa's mother, Denise, did the proofreading for a lot of Kathleen's books and says though the 
genres they write in are different, Alexa's writing style is very similar to that of The Queen of 
Romance. "They are both able to paint a scene in such a way it makes you feel as if you're 
watching the events unfold on a movie screen as you are reading the book," she said.

If the reviews posted on are any indication, Alexa E. Woodiwiss has a bright future 
as a novelist. Hannah C. said, "I have been an avid romance reader for over ten years, and read 
everything from Nora Roberts to Diana Palmer to your grandmother. But I will admit in the last 
few years I have gotten tired of the story lines because they are always so similar, but your 
book was so unique. I really hope you continue the series as there are so many unanswered 
questions and so many characters that need their story told! You can definitely consider me a 

"Well Alexa, I believe you have arrived! This book is awesome! I was completely wrapped up in 
the story as your scenes are so descriptive and alive. It was like I was right there within their 
lives. When I would put the book down to continue my day I found my emotions were still 
wrapped up in your words. I am left wondering about the characters and where they will go from 
here. Can't wait to read the next one! You are amazing!" said Vicki C.

"Unlocked was a joy to write and it opened my eyes to the many adventures that authors are able to embark upon as they explore the depths of their imaginations," said Woodiwiss. "Writing this book made me understand my Grandmother in a whole new way and I have discovered that she and I are more alike than I had originally thought. My only regret is that she was not able to see me try to follow in her footsteps and that she was not able to read my work and tell me what she thinks of it."

Alexa E. Woodiwiss is currently working on three new novels, one of which is the sequel to Unlocked; but she's not sure which story she'll complete first. "My fans will just have to wait and see," she said.

Unlocked is available for purchase at as well as The book retails for $14.99.