By Rachel M. Anderson, Freelance Writer

(Minneapolis) - When Yoda said, "Beware of the Dark Side" in the first Star Wars movie, darkness was depicted as evil, associated with fear, anger and aggression. In the new urban fantasy "Seekers of Truth," by Nathaniel Hicklin of Minneapolis, Minn., the opposite is true.

Members of the secret sect, "Ordo Noctis Sanctae," Latin for Orders of the Sacred Night, harness the power of darkness to do good. The story begins with a prophecy about eight night warriors, destined to protect their city from evil.

The first characters introduced are Wizard and Specter. They are two young men who have 
gained a reputation for showing up at crime scenes and helping police catch the bad guys. These superheroes have no idea that while they are out saving the day, someone named the Artificer is plotting to draw them, and the other night warriors yet to be discovered, into his clutches. In the first couple of chapters, the main characters are introduced, just as they are learning about their incredible abilities.

In addition to Wizard and Specter, the other team member able to harness the power of darkness is Specter's brother, Shade. The other night warriors include Sarah Winchester, a brilliant scientist who develops technology capable of doing some incredible things; Jennifer Klein, who can shoot lighting from her hands; Timothy Landerman who can exude toxic barbs from his skin; his girlfriend, Natalie Beckett, who can turn her limbs to stone; and Caleb Strong, one of the strongest and most athletic men in the world.

"I was trying to hit all the archetypes of people and the kinds of personalities that teams like this 
tend to have in them. So, there's a born leader, a strong guy, a silent guy, a really cheerful kid, a 
smart guy, a tough guy, someone with a theatrical side and a geeky character as well," explains 

The author says the idea for "Seekers of Truth" first began developing in his mind six or seven 
years ago. As for his inspiration, it came from comic books more than anything else. He says. "I 
wrote it with an eye towards giving each character their own little showcase theme, where each 
gets their chance to shine for a little while."

"Seekers of Truth" is available for download as an ebook for just $4.99 at A printed version of the book is available from for $15. Hicklin says the book is intended to be the first in a series of eight novels that will each highlight a different the members of the superhero team. He is currently working on book number two.

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About the author

Nathaniel Hicklin works part-time as a proofreader for a medical management company in 
Hopkins, Minn. He graduated from the University of Minnesota where he started out as 
engineering major, but switched majors to theater arts after realizing writing about innovations, 
science and robots was more interesting to him than actually studying them. He considers 
himself, "a card carrying geek."

In addition to Seekers of Truth, he is the author of a sci-fi novel titled, "Machina Viva '" from the 
Chronicles of Conrad Wechsellos," a story about a living robot. The book is also available for 
purchase at

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