By Rachel M. Anderson, Freelance Writer

What is it about hunting that draws people in? Some say the attraction is the thrill of the chase. For others, it's the satisfaction of knowing they outsmarted their prey.

But what if the tables were turned and it wasn't an animal, but you being hunted? In the new futuristic novel, Trophy, set 500 years in the future, Martin Bucklann is on the run after realizing the dark figure in the forest is after him.

Without warning, he was thrown to the ground with a deafening roar from behind. Martin struggled to bring up his rifle but it was gone, fallen in the snow. A tree stopped his slide and he lay there motionless.

A short time later Martin hears a rich, deep voice with an unusual accent say, "We meet again young hunter. You were a worthy chase. You almost beat me. And now I am going to give you the honor you so richly deserve!"

What happens to Martin next is not what you may think. Fate has something completely different in store for him. He ends up in a hunter's trophy case, joining a prized collection unlike any other in the New Victorian Empire, on Earth Date: 475 N.V.A.

"I hunted when I was a teenager growing up in Montana and kind of lost my heart for hunting," said author Paul M. Schofield. " I wrote the story to try and show the other side of what the hunted feels like. I put the human emotions on it by having Martin, a human, being the one hunted."

But the story goes well beyond being a statement against trophy hunting. The captive man ultimately ends up being charged with the task of helping to save the human race.

Schofield started writing Trophy back in 1991 as part of a creative writing class through community education. It was originally just a short story, but turned into a full-length book late last year.

"A friend of mine was teaching a class in creative writing. I asked her if she'd read the story I had written a while back. I had probably about 100 pages hand-written. She really liked it and encouraged me to go ahead and finish," said Schofield, who completed the manuscript in January 2010.

Unable to find a publisher interested in taking on his project, he decided to self-publish. Once the book came out Schofield's wife, Ellen, took on the task of doing the marketing.

"My wife was on Twitter one day and met Chris Fayers, owner of They started up a conversation and after hearing about my book he expressed interest in republishing it as an ebook," said Schofield. The book went live on the website in early 2011. is an independent ebook publisher. The company operates under a traditional publishing model with contracted authors getting a 50 percent royalty from eBook sales. There are no up front costs involved.

Trophy sells for just $2.99 and is intended to be a saga, ultimately including five books. There will be two sequels and two prequels. Log on to to download a copy today.

About the author 

Paul M. Schofield is semi-retired from a career in architectural design. He began writing Trophy, in 1991, and completed the manuscript in early 2010. Ebooks for Pleasure published the book in early 2011. Schofield is married and has two children. He is originally from Montana but now lives in Murphy, North Carolina. Log on to for more information about the author.

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