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(Cleveland, Ohio) –What do you want to accomplish in life? Is your goal to be a corporate executive, to find more joy in your life, or perhaps to start up your own business?
J.J. DiGeronimo, an entrepreneur specializing in women’s leadership and the author of “The Working Woman’s GPS,” says that women often just need a little more support, permission and guidance to accomplish their goals.
“Many women leverage the practical and effective lessons in my keynotes, workshops and webinars to catapult themselves forward,” she said. To enhance the lessons and extend the inspiration, DiGeronimo is now incorporating “Journey Charms” into her presentations. 
“These inspirational charms clearly represent something tangible women want or are striving to achieve. There are over 20 charms in the collection. I wear them all because I believe in each inspirational message,” said DiGeronimo.
charm 1One of her favorite charms in the collection is a woman’s heel because it represents the power of a woman. “Our accomplishments as women individually and together are remarkable. This charm reminds you to use your voice, desire and action to make a difference,” said DiGeronimo.

charm 2She also likes the charm of a costume mask that tells women to be real and not hide behind a façade; one of a pair of flip flops that reminds women to just relax and take time to reflect every once in a while; and the sunglasses charm which tells women to really believe in their futures and all that is possible.


bracelet“If you put your mind, heart and action towards your goal, it can be achieved,” said DiGeronimo. “I find every woman could use a daily reminder that’s pretty and elegant and that they can clip and go. I think the price point ($6.99 to $14.99) reflects something that is affordable and doable for everyone. They make great gifts and there is even a bracelet for young girls.  We cannot start too early empowering young women.”

Because so many women are overcommitted and often lose touch with themselves, DiGeronimo says Journey Charms will give them that little reminder they need to make the difference they want to make. DiGeronimo is looking to partner with women’s organizations that can leverage Journey Charms to empower women globally. For more information, log on to http://journeycharms.com.
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