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(Plymouth, Minn.) – When Bob Dylan wrote the song, “The Times they are a-Changin” in 1964, he had no idea how prophetic his words would
still be nearly 50 years later.

It wasn’t so long ago that people stayed connected with phone calls and through letter writing. Now-a-days, it seems there’s very little personal communication. People are staying in touch through E-mail, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms instead.

“Abbreviated and abrupt is too often the nature of our communication these days. E-mails and texts fly back and forth, as do pictures captured on a mobile phone. Rarely are they printed out and lingered over, so with a tap or a click such insights and images are lost forever,” said Patricia Overson of Plymouth, Minn.

Overson has fond memories of watching her daughter Kristine’s face light up every time she received a new letter or inspirational book from her grandmother. “My mother-in-law is gone now, but Kristine will have those letters and books forever,” she said.

Inspired by the lasting legacy her mother-in-law left behind, and the birth of her first grandchild just over a year ago, Overson started gathering quotes and sayings that have resonated with her over the years. She also came up with some of her own and put them all together in a lasting legacy book.

Twin Cities-based Beaver’s Pond Press released “Find Your Rainbow – Inspirations for Grandchildren in May 2012. It was quickly followed up by “Find Your Rainbow – Inspirations for Children” in July 2012. Both books, and those expected to follow, were inspired by Overson’s desire to help people stay connected throughout the generations.

“I’ve always had the desire to write inspirational books like ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’,” said Overson. “I thought what better project to work on than a lasting legacy book that will help people stay connected to grandchildren or special children in their life.”

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the best grandparenting activities flow naturally from interests of both the grandparents and the grandchildren. In an article on its website, the organization advises grandparents to create a deep, loving relationship with their grandchildren by sharing the things they love with them, and by being available to hear about the ideas and activities that excite them.

That is exactly what Overson has done with her books. Both “Find Your Rainbow – Inspirations for Grandchildren” and “Find Your Rainbow – Inspirations for Children” feature a collection of well-researched quotes that offer great advice and inspiration. Each quote is preceded by a check box, so grandparents can call to their grandchild’s attention the advice that resonates most with them. At the back of the book there are blank pages where Grandma and Grandpa can personalize the book. There are also pages where photos can be added.

Overson’s hope is that through the passages in the book, she will sow seeds of encouragement in the lives of readers – encouragement that can blossom into inspiration, hope and the confidence to turn dreams into realities. “Giving this keepsake will help communicate your values, beliefs and wisdom in a unique way, and these personalized pages can be revisited and treasured year after year, for generations to come,” said Overson.

More information about the book series can be found at Copies of “Find Your Rainbow – Inspirations for Grandchildren” and “Find Your Rainbow – Inspirations for Children” are available for purchase at bookstores everywhere, as well as online at and Plans are in the works to make the books available at gift shops as well. 

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