The Bell of Caledon Cover  By Rachel M. Anderson, RMA Publicity 

There’s nothing like a forced career change to turn your life upside down. One day Beau Brumsfeld is tending to the trees in his apple orchard. The next he is on a quest to save the world.

As “The Bell of Caledon,” a new fantasy novel by Oak Park Heights author Bill Cutler begins, one of the “Old Ones,” the indigenous people of the Land, approaches Beau at the tavern in Dale, a small village lying peacefully in the outskirts of The Land, and utters five words to him, “He wants to see you.”

Beau has never met the man before and has no idea who “He” is, but feels compelled to follow. The next morning with his travel bag packed he embarks on a journey unlike any he has ever been on before.

Cutler, who has been a fan of fantasy novels since his teenage years, says he got the inspiration for the storyline from nature. “If I would walk through the woods or a natural place, like Beau, I would almost feel a spirit there in the natural world that somehow keeps things going, kind of the cycle of life,” he said.

Cutler describes Caledon not as a place, but a spirit that runs through the Land, allowing all life to prosper. This spirit is best understood by the “Old Ones,” who lived in the Land before the coming of the other races – humans, elves, trolls.

As Beau and the others chosen for this all-important journey make their way through the forest, they encounter supernatural beings and evildoers who go to great lengths to prevent them from completing their quest.

They say you write about what you know. Like Beau, Cutler was forced to make a career change in mid-life. Shortly after Y2K (the year 2000), his job as a computer programmer and consultant went away and he began spending time pursuing interests in music, photography and writing.

Cutler has lived in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota all his life. He developed an interest in fantasy and science fiction literature in his teens and early twenties.

In his review of the book, John E. Hart, who purchased the book for his Amazon Kindle said, “I enjoyed this fantasy adventure story and its spiritual accents greatly. The characters are quite well fleshed out, and the inevitable conflicts are believable and interesting. The story bears some resemblance to Tolkien, insofar as a naive character is induced to enter into a mysterious adventure, but advances in a very different way, leading to an ending that is very satisfying. The ultimate story resolution is one of violence and spiritual understanding. Hope there will be more chapters to this story.”

Cutler will have a book signing event at the Barnes & Noble in Roseville, Minn., on Sun., Jan. 11.