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One Year Lived is Adam Shepard's accounting of the year he spent living abroad, immersing himself in other cultures. He says living with people from other cultures and backgrounds gave him a good understanding of where people are coming from, and he recommends it's something other young people do as part of their education. "It's fascinating the perspective we can gain when we step out of our bubbles of comfort, even just a little bit," he says.

Shepard visited seventeen countries on four continents from late 2011 to late 2012, and self publushed a book about his adventures in 2013.

RMA Publicity prepared a press release for the book, set up a national book tour, and also secured more than 25 media placements to promote the book and tour. The book officially launched on April 23, 2013. 

    Q104.3 Radio, New York City , NY (April 23)   
    Doug Stephan's Good Day, a nationally syndicated radio show taped in Massachuetts
    that runs in 250 markets. (April 24)
    KROQ-FM, Los Angeles, CA (April 25) The Millennials Who Want to See the World (April 26)
    Indie-103, Los Angeles, CA (April 26)
    LatinNation TV talk show, Los Angeles, CA (April 26)

    "Mayhem in the Morning," WLKF-AM, Tampa, FL (April 30) 
    "Daytime," a nationally syndicated television show taped in Tampa, FL (May 1)
    KOGO Radio, San Diego, CA (May 2) 
    Louie b Free on Vindicator Radio, Youngstown, Ohio (May 3)
    WLAQ-AM,  Atlanta, GA (May 6)
    KDKA-Radio, Pittsburgh, PA (May 7)

    Conversations with Conn Jackson radio and TV shows, Atlanta, GA (May 8)

    WPTF-Radio's PM Drive, Raleigh, NC (May 8)
    WCCO-AM, Minneapolis, MN, Jordanna Green's show (May 8)    
    Skype interview with the travel website,  (May 10)

    WPTF Radio's AM Drive, Raleigh, NC (May 13)

    Talk Radio Network, a nationally syndicated radio show (May 22)

    KTRS Radio, St. Louis, MO (May 23)
    WIBC Radio, Indianapolis, IN (May 29)

    WFLA Radio, Tampa, FL ( May 30)

    WJR Radio, Detroit, MI (June 8) 
    WCCO-AM, Minneapolis, MN, Roshini Rajkumar's show (June 9)
    WHBC-Radio, Canton, Ohio (June 15)
    Change Your Life Radio, Nashville, TN (June 23)

    Plus, mentions about the book appeared on several blogs.