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Recent Events & Media Placements

   For authors who also have full time jobs in other industries, the summer is a great time of year to fit in book-related activities. On June 28, Elliott Foster, who is also a practicing attorney in St. Paul, Minnesota, was interviewed on KFAI-AM's Write On Radio. 

   On Thursdsay, July 14, beginning at 7 p.m., he has a reading and signing planned at Eat My Words in Minneapolis.        Foster's latest book, Reckoning Waves, is the sequel to Panic River. The story begins with protagonist Corey Flanagan reflecting upon how lucky he is to be living in sunny California and not a jail cell. Corey has been on the run and under the radar ever since that fateful day when he fired his father’s gun—a gun he wishes he had never held in his hands. 
   Since fleeing the Upper Midwest four years earlier, Corey has changed virtually everything in his life—where he lives, how he creates art, his routines for work and play, and even his last name. The only true constants are his best friend Billy, his mother Ginny, and frequent, troubling dreams about the shootings he ran from and for which Corey was never held to account. 
   Now living in California, Corey passionately paints landscapes in the style of Edward Hopper, while seeing his life and his surroundings more clearly and generating award-winning art. Another life change surprises Corey as well—an unexpected romance with a younger man, Miguel. Just as his new life takes shape, however, the past unexpectedly ensnares him.

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